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The Change Leadership Immersion & Certification Program

People recognize that change is an ongoing occurrence that cannot be controlled. However, what is not commonly understood is that change always involves two realities, or poles: the Current State (“What is”) and the Desired Change. For example, building a new culture (the Desired Change) does not mean abandoning everything that currently exists (“What is”). It requires maintaining what is good and working while introducing the new elements. Similarly, implementing a new strategy means not only introducing new processes but also maintaining and improving existing ones.


Effective change leadership involves:

  • Recognizing the value of the current state and integrating it with new changes
  • Ensuring people and systems are agile enough to embrace change as it happens.
  • Continuously monitoring the impact of change and making adjustments as needed to maintain the balance.

The CLiC™ Program Certification program is designed for change leaders, managers and supervisors to become certified and licensed to deliver Polarity Thinking™ processes and apply the most advanced tools including the Polarity Assessment™.  There are no pre-requisites

Key Event Details

The Program:

  • CLiC™ – The Change Leadership Immersion & Certification Program
  • 1 Year Certified Consultant Access to The Polarity Resource Portal
  •  CLiC™/PACT™ Certification
  • *27 CCE’s Credits (13 Core Competencies & 14 Resource Development) for ICF Accredited Coaches


  • SEEING – Appreciate complex challenges and opportunities and see the whole reality
  • MAPPING – Identify desired results, values, and competencies
  • MEASURING/ASSESSING – Utilize the Polarity Assessment™ to gather quantitative metrics
  • LEARNING – Debrief Assessment results to gain insight into strengths and vulnerabilities
  • LEVERAGING – Develop and execute strategies to achieve and sustain desired results

Integrate PACT™ and the Polarity Assessment™ into Your Practice

Change Leadership in a VUCA World
Strategy Development & Execution
Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Solutions
Organisational Culture
Mergers and Acquisitions
Self Awareness Coaching

Who Should Participate?

This In-Person Certification program is designed for change leaders, managers and supervisors, change practitioners, HR practitioners, coaching professionals and consultants in private, public, religious or nonprofit-sector, psychologists and virtually any professional advisor to employ powerful Polarity Thinking™ concepts, practices and tools in their practices to spur lasting change. As a certified and licensed CLiC™ practitioner you will have 24/7 access to a suite of cloud based resources and our most advanced tools including the Polarity Map® and the Polarity Assessment™ and expert support.

Why Attend?

True polarities are never really resolved; they can only be managed or balanced. The pairs are involved in an ongoing, balancing process over an extended period of time. They are interdependent. They need each other over time. Having the ability to create and sustain this balance is the prerogative of any effective leader/manager.


In this facilitated in-person program, you will learn how to lead change using Polarity Thinking™ concepts, practices and certified tools to help you and your team see more of their whole reality and achieve measurable results, immediately and over time. You will gain hands on experience by applying your new skills to your advisory practice through an Action Learning Project using the 5 step PACT™.

Your Participation

For your certification, you are required to complete the five-day in-person training to learn the concepts and methodologies for leading change. You will then identify a polarity/dilemma/paradox in your environment – at home, at work or in your community – and showcase, using the PACT™ Process, how you will lead change differently in a complex environment.

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